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Complex road weather stations

Systems for road weather stations in Ukraine is a relatively new area for road organizations, although in most developed European countries it operates successfully for decades.

Weather affects all kinds of traffic, road weather stations are therefore vital information about the condition of roads and pavements, which can assess the condition of the most important transport arteries and to take appropriate steps for the normalization of security and traffic flow. In addition to services that deal with road maintenance, timely and objective meteorological forecasts can be the basis for decisions regarding the state of the roads. According to that provided by meteorological stations can be calculated traveler freezing point, make forecasts on the state of the road surface, the water film thickness,% of antifreeze. These data are necessary for travel organizations in terms of planning early action against ice and calculate the necessary amount of antifreeze. Intelligent analysis of the data allows you to save up to 20% of the resources used for winter maintenance of roads and prevent ice.

Systems for road weather stations can consist of several functional units, each of which contains a set of sensors that record the state of roads and weather data, which subsequently transferred to the central department, which authorized staff analyzes the information.

Road weather station represent information about the state of the atmosphere, coating the road video data from specific sections of the road and other weather data.


  1. Monitoring of transport routes.
  2. A view of the weather conditions on a particular stretch of road.
  3. Presentation of data on the state of the road surface.
  4. Archiving and storage.
  5. remotely control spray reagents.
  6. Provide visual information.
  7. Forecastweatherconditions.

Complex road weather stations