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Recovery cracks in road surfaces

Modern technology and equipment allow to perform rehabilitation of cracks (technology recovery) road covering one of the most effective ways to maintain coverage in working order. Method reorganization provides the opportunity today, saving significant material costs, time and labor, postpone repair, nepohrishuyuchy with the operational state highways.

It is known that asphalt coating comes into disrepair under the influence of a number of factors including seasonal temperature changes, stress, mechanical damage and so on. Cracks that are the result of rapidly expanding and deepening, destroyed not only external but also internal coating fumes, leading to the need to replace entire sections of the road. Until recently, Ukraine hardly used the method of “preservation” of defects that could be explained by the lack of equipment to perform this type of repair is economically advantageous. However, the situation began to change after the domestic market came to the world’s best manufacturers of equipment for the development, drying and filling cracks.

The process of reorganization of cracks is divided into three stages:
– Development
– Cleaning
– Fill

Restoration of cracks in road surfaces