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Systems Traffic

So, we first assembled in Ukraine, and the date and operate a system of traffic management and control of the road surface (ASURSP).

So what’s the ASURSP? This is a man-machine system based on automated data collection and analysis of information on modes of traffic (intensity, speed, range, composition of traffic) and road and weather conditions, the condition of the coating and the traffic situation generates optimal management decisions. It consists of measuring road weather stations, traffic controllers, data transmission equipment, regulators situation that is set to the relevant P- and L-shaped support. In addition, the system can be used almost all the signs envisaged by ISO 4100, according to the required sizes and colors. Each of the components of the equipment has specified location, depending on the functions and features of operation. In particular, the placement of road weather stations is based on research and recommendations Ukrainian Research Hydrometeorological Institute under the most adverse weather.

Location of the traffic controllers made on the basis of timely inform drivers of traffic conditions and the state of the coating. Video cameras mounted in such a way that there was always a possibility of a complete surveillance by road within a radius of 500 m. Traffic detectors placed on each band, allowing entry-exit control on the road.

All this helps to maximize the involvement of innovative tools and engineering arrangement

allows the use of the technology with the greatest benefit